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Your Long Weekend Trip Made Simple

By May 16, 2016 No Comments

may3As May long is right around the corner, many Albertans will hit the road for a nice staycation close to home. In Calgary, we are lucky to have some of the greatest attractions right in our back yard and that makes for some pretty great travel ideas as well. When it comes to long weekends, sometimes we all forget to really enjoy it because a longer weekend usually means a busier workweek. So whether you choose to head to the mountains or take a much needed break right here in Calgary, here are our five tips to making sure that you achieve a successful and enjoyable long weekend.

1. Plan Ahead
To ease some stress before you head into your long weekend, try and get your work done ahead of time by planning what needs to get done before you hang up the keyboard for the next three days. Furthermore, plan what you know will need to get done for once you are back to work on Tuesday, so that you don’t waste your weekend thinking about it.
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may22. Set Boundaries
While enjoying the long weekend, set some boundaries when it comes to discussing work. This weekend should be about spending time with loved ones and creating memories with the people you’re around. When you catch yourself thinking a bit too much about work, remind yourself that you have set these boundaries to give yourself a break.

3. Plan For Spontaneity
When daily life is all about plans and schedules, a bit of spontaneity could do you some good. Leaving a block of time for nothing planned gives you the opportunity to have fun doing something you wouldn’t normally do or to just simply relax and appreciate the quiet time.
long weekend trip alberta

4. Get Outdoors
Breathe some fresh air and re-connect with Mother Nature this weekend. During the workweek, people often get too busy to enjoy their surroundings, but long weekends are the perfect opportunity for busy people to finally get the workout they need and deserve. More importantly, exercise leads to a healthier body, mind and spirit—leaving you refreshed for the upcoming week.

5. Get Excited
When your long weekend comes to an end, don’t get sad and upset. If you followed our previous four tips, you should be excited to start this week with a reenergized and well-rested mind!

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